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Region´s natural beauties

Guesthouse Reitmayer is an ideal starting point to observe The High Tatras, especially their central part with a large number of hiking trails leading toward the most interesting peaks, tarns and mountain huts. It is a good starting point for motorized tourists to visit remote areas of The High Tatras as well as visiting The National Park – Slovak Paradise and Pieniny.

Our staff will happily give you all information regarding natural beauties exploration and other activities.

The High Tatras

The National Park TANAP and The High Tatras are spread over a relatively small area. The mountains with its ridge long only 26 km and with 32 valleys belong to the smallest mountain range in the world. All the more, they attract visitors mainly due to the dense concentration of the natural beauties in such a small area. Sharp, rocky shape of the mountains was caused by by glaciers thousands years ago. You can find typical morains, rock bars, terraces or giant saddlebows. The view from the foot of the mountains will captivate all peaks and saddlebows on the south side. Altogether 24 peaks are higher than 2 500 metres above the sea level. Those alternate with deep and narrow glacial valleys. As a result of the glacial times there is a large number of mountain tarns containig crystal clear water and you can find several waterfalls in the area. Flora in the mountains is well adapted to the harsh weather conditions. Among the most interesting living creatures belong chamois, marmots, bears, deer and others. Just step out and discover the wonderful world of the harsh but beautiful nature.

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Belianske Tatry

Belianske Tatry form east border of The High Tatras. The mountain is formed by 14 km long limestone ridge and it touches a tourist accessible Kopske Sedlo / Saddle./ Belianske Tatry is completely different compare to The High Tatras. You won´t find any morains, any rock bars or saddlebows there. On the other hand you will enjoy the beauty of limestone and dolomite walls with steep slopes and rich vegetation. The highest peak – Havran / Raven/ 2 151,5 metres and other peaks are not accessible to tourits. The mountain is very important limestone area. From the large number of caves only Belianska cave, located above the village Tatranska Kotlina, is accessible to tourists. There is a beautiful hiking trail leading from the village to only mountain hut in this area – Plesnivec Hut. You won´t find any tarns there nevertheless this is the most beautiful and the richest /naturally/ part of The High Tatras. Rich calcit soils offer more varied flora than The High Tatras can offer. Edelweiss is a typical local wild flower. Shepherds were probably the first visitors of this area. Local people used to make wooden chip coal and they mined copper and other ore. The access to the most parts of Belianske Tatry has been closed since 1978 by TANAP authority to protect rare kinds of flora and fauna. Tourists accessible are only remote valleys Zadné Meďodoly, Predné Meďodoly, Dolina Siedmych Prameňov and one way educational trail along Monková Dolina. All visitors above mentioned places will fully enjoy its beauty.

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Západné Tatry / Western Tatras

Západné Tatry form western part of The High Tatras. Orava part of the Západné Tatry is called Roháče. On relatively small area tourists can find some of the most beautiful views – giant rock peaks, sharp cliffs, woods, waterfalls, several tarns, mountaineous pastures, etc... There is a large number easy hiking trails at the foot of the mountain and challenging ones at the higher level of the mountain. There are several national parks, a lot of discovery sites and natural wonders to be found. The main ridge is about 40 km long and part of the ridge forms a state border between Slovakia and Poland. Whole area of Západné Tatry is a part of The Tatras National Park / TANAP/, we can see its south side while driving from Liptovský Mikuláš toward Poprad or Štrbské Pleso.

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Slovak Paradise

National Park – Slovak Paradise is a real heaven for tourists. There are a few places on the Earth where you can in relatvely small area find astonishing, romantic land – plains, chasms, canyons, gorges, upland plains, caves and waterfalls. Slovak Paradise is a place of unique natural beauties, precious flora and fauna. All you can see between 500 m and 1 270 m above the sea level. White limestone and partially mesoic dolomites form the most of the area. Walking trails through the valleys and narrow passages are extremely attractive. Among unique experience belongs canoeing in the river Hornád especially through canyon at the Prielom of the river Hornád. Rampant flow of the river borders with a rock wall coming right down to the water and to handle your canoe requires an experience. Slovak Paradise is rich of caves and gorges – there are almost 200 of them to be found. The only accessible cave to tourists is Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa / Ice cave/. Difficul access to other caves has left those to preserve the natural beauties in the original form up today. This is why the area attracts a lot of tourists to visit the place especially in Summer. Well marked hiking trails are suitable mainly to lovers of the challenging hiking. Wooden footbridges, long and steep ladders are often only the way how to proceed with your trip. Not all of the trails are so challenging. You can chose some shorter, easier and suitable trails too. Enjoy the beauty and relax in the nature.

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